Written, recorded and produced by Sascha Schubert. All instruments and vocals by Sascha Schubert.
© 2017 by Sascha Schubert / Shoebird


You are the one to turn me on
Thinking bout what you got on your mind
thinking bout fun

And then you tell me you got nothing to say
What can be done?
I don't mind thinking bout this
Were you the one?

It feels so good to feel someone

You are the one to get me through
Through all the things you do
the things we do - mijtu

I don't know why we cry
I don't miss hearing you cry
So glad you said bye-bye

It feels so good to be alone


All instruments performed by Sascha Schubert
Drum programming by Sascha Schubert

DRUMS: Aly James Linn Drum
BASS: Synapse Audio The Legend | Native Instruments Kontakt
SYNTHS: Synapse Audio The Legend | Memory Moon ME80 
STRINGS: Emotional Cello
KEYS: Native Instruments Kontakt
GUITAR: Gibson ES-335