HOTEL VAST ARRAY | feat. Michael Schubert

Written, recorded and produced by Sascha Schubert. All instruments & vocals by Sascha Schubert.
Except: harp parts composed and recorded by Michael Schubert. © 2020 by Sascha Schubert / Shoebird.


Lubricate my naked steel
On a cloudbank footholds feel
Instable trash for you to steal
on your breaking fall you tumbling peel

Thirty miles of grain - a velcro way to fame
Sending faithless home - the restitutions pain
Footsteps, empty room - the power you betray
Helpless to your size - the hotel vast array 


All instruments performed by Sascha Schubert
Harp parts performed by Michael Schubert
Drum programming by Sascha Schubert 

HARP: Michael Schubert
DRUMS: Native Instruments Battery
GUITARS: Fender Telecaster | Fender Stratocaster (Solo)
BASS: Roland SH-01a  
SYNTHS: Roland SH-01a | Behringer Model D 
PERCUSSION: Native Instruments West Africa